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Slitslider Module for J3.x & J2.5

The Slit Slider Joomla module is a slideshow with a twist:
The idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one.
Using jQuery and CSS animations we can create unique slide transitions for the content elements.

  • Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5 module
  • 5 full size Image Slides with different content
  • Many different effects for the headline, images and text.
  • Easy to setup with many options, see instructions below
  • Sliding Images only, text only or text with images
  • Sliding Images with Headlines and so on..
  • Responsive and mobile ready view
  • Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading
More Infos & Config Screens




You can set the "SlitSlider" to full screen height or pixel height. See green marked part on the left image.

If you set the slider to "full height" the slider has automatically the height of your screen. Same as shown at our "HOME" ( Startpage). Here we have assigned the Slitslider on Home Page only.

All other pages has the same SlitSlider module but here we have set the height in pixel ( 600px) and assigned on all other menu items except "HOME"

No extra costs, the SlitSlider module is included!

Theme Configuration

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A profile can define different settings which are sorted into three main groups: Style, Content and Layout. You can create new profiles, edit already existing ones and assign them to any menu item. Yes, you read it right. Assign any profile to any menu item directly from your theme configuration with just a few clicks. That's not all, profiles have the ability to inherit defined settings from the default profile. This way you can easily make small changes or tweaks and apply them to a page or section of your website! Learn more here

Style Settings

The style settings are all about the overall look and feel of your website you can choose from the different styles, colors and fonts.

Content Settings

This settings group lets you change content related things like date or the to-top scroller. It also allows you to hide the main system output, this is really great if you want to build a page which only uses modules or widgets!

Layout Settings

The layout settings panel is all about the theme's sizes and positioning! You can set the overall width and the sidebars' width and ordering as well. Also the module layouts can be set here, as we have mentioned before you can position equally sized modules right next to each other or stack them on top of each other.

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